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What can Frugi organize & complete for me?

The Little Stuff

*Small spaces



*File papers

The Big Stuff



*Living Spaces


The Really Big Stuff



*Estate Sale

*Packing & Unpacking

Workshops & Personal Coaching

"Stop Over-Spending" Book $14.99

Get organized in your finances!      


 24 Little Tools to Help You Stop Your Big Spending Habits" 


Order your copy today and change your habits, change your life!

Organize Your ENTIRE Life $149

Always frustrated or stressed-out?

Operating in controlled chaos?

Your entire life needs a makeover?

Jennifer Chase, Professional Organizer & Financial Coach will teach you the basics-of-organizing in every area of your life and move you into mastering-your-life! 

Focusing on relationships, work, home, office, money issues, schedules, emotions, even our beautiful mind & soul in order to create less mess, less stress!

Schedule your One-On-One Coaching TODAY!

2 Hour Session

Location: Your personal residence

Get your FINANCES in order! $149

Is your spending out-of-control?

Do you always spend 

more than you earn? 

Do you have lots of debt & live paycheck-to-paycheck?

One-on-One Personal Financial Coaching with Jennifer Chase based on the book:

"Stop Over-Spending: 24 Little Tools to Help Stop Your Big Spending Habits"  available on Amazon.

 Jennifer will teach you how to get organized in your finances, control your thoughts and emotions, and change your spending habits in order to master your money. 


Schedule your One-On-One Coaching TODAY!   

2 Hour Session

Location: Parker, CO.

What is Frugi?


Frugal. adj. Sparing or economical with regard to money. Simple and plain. Costing little. Economical, thrifty.

Origin mid 16th cent: from Latin "Frugalis", from "Frugi".


Frugi is a way of life. It is living a frugal, economical, simple lifestyle within our homes, business and within our finances. Balance.

When you live a Frugi lifestyle, you will love coming home, love going to work, live in financial freedom, live in a beautiful space, have more peace, more fun and love your life!  

Frugi Coaching & Workshops

Frugi is so unique! Offering clients organizing or financial coaching  designed specifically for women and couples, who long to organize their space and get organized in their money.  

Frugi is economical. Purposeful planning. Frugi is living intentionally. Living completely organized in our home, life, and finances.   

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TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY'S are reserved for Organizing Projects & Financial Coaching Sessions. Frugi is CLOSED on Sunday's to enjoy our families!



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